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  • Pastor John Conover

Trust God in the Storms

Consider Mark 4:33-41, 5:1-20 to review God's truths that help us trust Christ IN the storms.


     1.  The Storms are Preparatory so that we are ready for "the other side"  (4:35; 5:1-9).

               Storms & all trials prepare us for greater ministry and awesome miracles, not just mansions in heaven one day.    Decapolis & Gadara are not pictures of heaven.

     2.  The Storms are Normal, especially if Jesus in in your life-boat  (4:35-37).  

               Get ready now.  Storms happen every day, for every body and they are sudden.

     3.  The Storms are Control-able by Jesus, not us (4:38-39).  

               Jesus shows His power & peace IN the storms, so trust & praise before the storms end.

               Jesus shows His power of nature & storms WHEN He stops the storms.

     4.  The Storms are Purposeful (4:40-41).  

                Examine your view of your life, faith, fear, prayers, and attitudes.

                Expand your view for God so that you reverence Him.  Surrender so that you are ready for the other side. 

Mark 5:20 says that after the demoniac followed Christ he proclaimed to all that Christ has done, and all were amazed.  

                Are we amazed at what God can do in and through us on the other side of the storms?  Are we amazed that He does not sleep or slumber, like He did in His earthly ministry, so that He can "give His beloved sleep?"

Consider that the God on the mountain is still God in the valley.  Let us pray for our church, neighbors, and country. 

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