God is Good (Even When I Don't Get Answers)

This year has been a crazy year. If you are like me, you just keep wishing and wanting the troubles of our times to blow over and go away. “Can’t we be done with this yet” is a common refrain that I find running through my mind. Can’t Covid19 just go away? Can’t we go back to work and normalcy? Can’t our kids go back to school and enjoy playgrounds? Can’t people all over stop being destructive and treat each other with love and dignity? Can’t the stock market stop playing yoyo? Can’t we just get back to full church assembly with all the people I love and miss? Many like me are asking “How long, how long, how long?” David asked God the same thing in Psalm 13. How long, O Lord? Will y

Happiness Can Be The Rule

Matthew 5 lists 9 declarations of the blessedness of those who follow Christ. These 'B-attitudes' are difficult to grasp because each statement identifies people who are characterized by difficulty, struggle, and hard work. 'Blessed' involves being fulfilled, gifted, joyful, and blessed. When are we blessed, or feel blessed? Present tense is seen in vss. 3 & 10. Future tense is seen in six declarations. "When"-ever you are reviled and persecuted for Christ's sake is in vs 11. Future and past tense is seen in vs. 12. "Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you." Let us choose happiness because it is a

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