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Trumpets of Prophecy Alert the Hearers to Prepare

Revelation 8-9 reveals what John saw and heard in his vision when the 7th seal judgment was opened by Jesus Christ.

First of all, John heard Silence in Heaven for about a half hour. This is a reminder that there should be awe and adoration, as well as ascending prayers, in preparation for the trumpet judgments. The silence may be a time of prayer, but likely, it will include reverence for the power & holiness of God. Sadness that such destruction will be necessary can cause silence as well. So preparation includes silence (8:1), singing and service (chapter 7), & supplication (8:2-5).

Let us pray, "Lord, please avenge those who persecute and kill believers. Please come and stop all of the violence and wickedness of mankind. Please bring glory to Yourself at our rewards ceremony and the marriage of the Lamb. Please set up Your 1000-year-reign, and prepare me for what I will doing for you in Your Kingdom. Lord, I commit myself to prepare NOW in silence before Your Word and the Holy Spirit. I will prepare NOW in singing Your praises, and serving in Your Church. Thank you for the spiritual alarm clock of the Trumpets."

Secondly, John heard the Sound of Seven Trumpet Blasts, and saw descriptive judgements with each one. The first four reveal how God will use forces of nature to judge man for his idols and efforts while rejecting Christ. As you read the first four trumpet judgements, imagine the damage that will be done to the environment, economies, crops, animals and mankind. It is good for us now to confess our idolatry if we find anything between us and Christ. Is He our focus? Is He our top priority? Are we pouring ourselves into that which does not last, or that which grieves Him? He will destroy all idols, so let Him start that in us today.

This brings us to a list of Sins that will Increase after the Trumpet judgments during the Tribulation. Read 9:19-21, and think about how angry people will be in that "day of the Lord." Mankind so loves his sinning that he will be angry when God steps in to begin punishment in a universal way. People will be upset that they cannot live forever in sin. People will be angry that there are consequences for sin. Let us ask God NOW to soften our heart to His still small convicting voice. Let us fear saying, "No," to God. "He who hardens his heart, being often reproved, will suddenly be cut off, & that without remedy."


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