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  • Pastor John Conover

Making Disciples Requires the Power & Transformation of the Holy Spirit

Review the drastic changes in "the Twelve" disciples that God used as the foundation stones of the NT church. Mark 14:66-72 is just one example of their weaknesses before the Holy Spirit started His baptismal ministry in Acts 2. Even after the resurrection, they were hiding in an upper room and full of fear (Luke 24:36-37). Contrast this cowardice with their confidence & courage seen in Acts 2; 3:11-21; and 4:13-20. What thoughts fill us when we fear to witness or do right? What convictions and comforting words of the Holy Spirit control us when we do right or witness?

Before the Holy Spirit empowered the Twelve, they were confused a lot of the time. Contrast their view of power and goals in Acts 1:6 with the power the Holy Spirit would give them instead in vs. 7-8. Their confusion was replaced by clarity as a result of the Holy Spirit. What was clear to the thousands in their audience in Acts 2? Why was this a miraculous thing? Pray for clarity with the gospel, knowing that it will be answered every time we are also filled by the Holy Spirit. Now that calms the nerves!

Finally, notice how they rejoiced over rejection for the cause of Christ in Acts 5:40-42. Read I Peter 4:12-13 also regarding this spirit of joy. Why it is true joy to rejoice over rejection? Why don't you have to fake it with man-made positive thinking?

Praise God that the Twelve were transformed, that Acts 1:8 is still being carried out, and that He can do it today through us making disciples this week. Would you be willing to ask God to lead you into a conversation with a lost person, or with a younger believer into whom you can pour some truths today? John 16:7-14.


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