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Stronger Families, Stronger Churches

This week we considered God's message for us from the contrasting lives of Samuel's family and Eli's family. I encourage you to read I Samuel 2-4 this week to dig deeper into lessons for our lives. God revealed to us the failures of the adult sons of Eli and Samuel (8:1-5). Yet the contrast of the two families motivates us to dedicate our children to the service of God like Hannah and Elkanah did. Let us renew our commitments to "bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord." Godly parents dedicate the next generation to God without demanding guarantees from God.

Why do we bring them up to trust in and obey the Lord?

I. Be a Contrast to Unfaithful Families & a Faithless Culture.

A. Avoid comparisons to this dark world just like Hannah and Elkanah did.

B. Avoid compromises in the home so that you avoid the troubles of Eli & Sons.

II. Be Consecrated "Before" the LORD. This is the vertical motivation for dedication.

A. Serve "Before" means giving Pleasure to the Lord (2:11, 18, 26).

B. Serve "Before" means living in the Presence of the Lord (2:21; 3:1, 19).

C. Serve God in the "Palace" of the Lord (2:11; 3:3).

III. Begin Commitment Patterns with Children at a Young Age (3:7-10).

A. Serve while learning & waiting for more revelation from God.

B. Surrender immediately with a Sensitive heart to obey (3:1, 4, 6, 8. 10, 19).

C. Share God's Word to Spread your ministry throughout life (3:21; 4:1).


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