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  • Pastor John Conover

Praise from God's Actual Words of Praise

In the original language of most of the OT, Hebrew, God used seven words that have been translated "praise" or "bless" in the English Bibles. Many of us are more familiar with "love" in the English Bibles coming from words like "agape," "phileo," or "eros" in other literature.

May this review enhance your worship, and your understanding of that which pleases God. I encourage you to look up each verse to see the word "praise" in light of these words listed.

Towdah - Psalm 56:10-12. To praise with expectation & longing for future works and blessings of God, symbolized by the extending out or up of our hands.

Yawdah - Psalm 67:3;145:10. To praise in reverent worship with extending out of our hands as in giving sacrifices & offerings.

Tehillah - Psalm 22:3;119:164-165;100:4B. To spontaneously share a new song, hymn, or laud.

Halal - Psalm 22:22; 69:30; 109:30;149:3. To boast, rave, shine, or celebrate clamorously.

Barak - Psalm 72:11-15;100:4C;103:1-22; To kneel, bow in humility under God to bless Him.

Shabach - Psalm 63:4; 145:4. To commend with a loud shout of triumph.

Zamar - Psalm 57:7. To make music, play songs by touching strings, play musical instruments.

"A dislike for enthusiasm can be one of the greatest hindrances to revival." -Martyn L. Jones

Let us prepare our hearts by daily praise for our praise on Sundays together.


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