Sticks and Bones

Ezekiel saw a vision in Ezekiel 37, which God used to teach him and Israel that He has a great plan for Israel. God then gave him an object lesson to use in his next sermon; two sticks to join together. First, Ezekiel saw of valley of dry bones (vs. 1-14). These represented Israel in their conditions as defeated in wars with her enemies, and as spiritually dead for refusing to follow their Messiah, Jehovah God. The sticks, which were wide enough to carve "Joseph" and "Judah" onto, represented Israel as a divided nation. Together, these pictures were used to teach that one day Israel, at least a majority of those alive at that time, would get saved, and then be restored to power as a un

A Season to Fall on our Knees in Prayer

While every day in every age is a time for praying without ceasing, some difficult times accentuate our need for seasons of prayer. Our country is experiencing an internal cold war, but it seems to be getting hot and out in the open. Our churches are trying to rebuild relationships, effective ministries, and attendance. Our country has real concerns for staying healthy and praying for those impacted by the powerful corona virus. Let's pray!! Let us fall on our knees in prayer because of the Fall of mankind back in the garden of Eden. That fall resulted in the human race being separated from our Creator by sin; it's curse, it's nature within us; and it's on-going struggle to do what is r

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