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2018 Reset

When our risen Savior met seven of the apostles in Galilee, He prepared them for the greatest year of their lives. Their failures during the last year of Jesus' earthly ministry had brought them to great discouragement and confusion. As we begin 2018, let us glean from the same Savior's Words in John 21 what we need to get a new start; to embark on a most fruitful year of service.

When Jesus asked those empty-netted-fisherman, "have you (caught) no food," He wanted them to evaluate their trust. We rededicate our lives completely to Him when we realize we can't even excel at what we are "good" at without Him. We must all trust God to give us "our daily bread." We must trust His call on us to be "fishers of men" (Luke 5). The apostles did cast their nets according to Jesus' directive, and their trust began to grow again.

When Jesus asked Peter, "Do you love me more than these," He wanted him to evaluate his love. We re-commit our lives when we love Him Who first loved us. To be faithful this year in the face of "early-church-like" opposition, we must love Christ with "agape" and "phileo" love. In dark times when expectations aren't met, brotherly love of joint-heirs must be accompanied by "agape" love. This love, which God shows us, is a committed choice to give and sacrifice what is needed by even those who can be unlovely and an unloving sinner. A love for one who is very different is followed by and produces, family love for one who is similar.

Finally, Jesus asked Peter, "what is it to you" if I were to have John live until I return. Jesus wanted Peter to evaluate his focus on vision. Jesus called us also to follow Him. Peter was comparing with others. Maybe he was concerned about fairness. Keep your eyes on the One you are following.

When we properly examine our trust, love, and focus, we will get a good reset for today, 2018, and an enduring, fruitful life for Christ. We must confess sins of trusting self, loving "these" more than Christ, and comparing with others. Then enjoy the greatest year of your life.

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