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  • Pastor John Conover

Pray for Leaders and "Hidden Saints"

Psalm 72 is a great devotional reading for this time that our country is going through. Prayers for the king in vs. 1, 8, & 15-17 remind us to pray these kinds of prayers for our leaders. Verses 18-19 remind us to praise God, who is carrying out His eternal plan. The lyrics of this song in between the prayers show us the desired results that the psalmist had while praying these prayers. The introduction and conclusion of the song seems to indicate that David is writing this for his son, Solomon, and one of his grandsons who would be king after that. His lyrics also remind us of Jesus, the son of David, who will one day rule on his throne over Israel and the whole earth.

Pray for our Leaders. O God, grant the king (and his son) the ability to make just and fair decisions (v. 1). Leaders at home, church, work, and government buildings need prayers because they are mere humans, too. Their decisions are impacting lives more than 'followers' decisions. Satan shoots strategically to destroy leaders so that many under them will fall and fail. Esteem those with whom you disagree because of their position. Romans 13 clearly states that they are placed there by God. Esteem them that labor among you and over you in the Lord for their work's sake, and be at peace among yourselves. Notice the genuine heart's desire for wonderful results for this prayer (vs. 2-7).

Pray for God's favor and blessing on your nation and leaders (vs. 8, 17). We pray that our nation will impact and bless the whole world for good and God. We don't pray that our nation will rule the whole earth, just because the Jews pray for Israel to do so. Remember that this prayer is specifically for God to fulfill His promises to Israel. When we pray this way we are actually longing for King Jesus to rule from sea to shining sea,.. and to the ends of the earth. Vs. 9-17 express desired results of this prayer that will not be fully realized until Jesus rules on David's throne on earth for 1000 years.

Pray in Jesus' name (v. 17) for all of the hidden saints, unknown people all over the world who are known by God. Pray for poor and needy people, as well as the victims of pestilence, and power-mongers, and political decisions, God is clear about His care for the "nobodies." He cares for you especially when you feel no one cares. He values you highly even if others consider you and your work "non-essential." Pray for believers God has planted in every capital, courtroom, board room, in every generation, country, culture, and island. They are God's kids to be salt and light all over the earth. We will meet them one day in heaven.

Isaac Watts meditated on this Psalm when he wrote his verses:

From north to south the princes meet

to pay their homage at His feet

While western empires claim the Lord

And unknown tribes attend His Word.

People and realms of every tongue

Dwell on His love with sweetest song.

And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on His name.

Pray for one another to feel their significance in Christ. We are not alone when we feel separated from each other and God. We are all over the earth, and in God's presence at the same time. Believers may be overlooked and under-valued, but we will not be overwhelmed. We may be unknown to millions, but we are not unnoticed by the One who matters the most.

I belong to the King. I'm a child of His love, and He never forsaketh His own. He will call me one day to His palace above, because I am the King's son. Read and try to pronounce all of those unknown saints in Romans 16. Admit it, don't you think part of the fun of heaven is when we meet people like Andronicus?

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